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Modern Coffee.


Our latest news, coffee musings and sourcing stories.


  • Modern Coffee Series</br>S1. Ep4. Comandante Grinders
    Brodie Roberts | Head Barista Spitalfields.   As coffee worshipers and craft professionals, we express the truth and importance of investing in the right tools to produce a great cup of coffee. Whether you’re a beginner at homebrewing or a Q grading, coffee obsessed individual, this is not an optional...
  • Modern Coffee Series</br>S1. Ep3. Good & Proper Tea
    Brodie Roberts | Head Barista Spitalfields    Modern Coffee Series | S1. Ep3. Good & Proper Tea // Emilie Holmes  The Challenge of Specialty Tea, making the leap from commodity to craft.   "Serious about tea yet refreshingly unpretentious, Good & Proper Tea will make you want to rediscover the glorious...
  • Modern Coffee Series</br>S1. Ep2. Matteo D’Ottavio
    Brodie Roberts | Head Barista Spitalfields    Modern Coffee Series | S1. Ep2. UK Brewers Cup Champion 2020, Matteo D’Ottavio   Our second guest on our Instagram Live Modern Coffee Series was with the one and only Matteo D’Ottavio. Having worked in the industry for more years than some would like to...
  • Modern Coffee Series</br>S1. Ep1. Ally Coffee
    Brodie Roberts | Head Barista Spitalfields    Modern Coffee Series | S1. Ep1. Ally Coffee // Ed Anderson Brown    “ We’re moving coffee forward” - Ally Coffee   Ally Coffee is a green coffee company connecting roasters with specialty coffee sourced through sustainable partnerships. Ally Coffee pride themselves on ‘only selling...
  • Single use culture.
    Brodie Roberts | Head Barista Spitalfields   “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” - Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef.  ‘Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans!’ - World Economic Forum   Sustainability...
  • Brewers Cup 2020 | Cont.
    MATTEO D'OTTAVIO | SENIOR BARISTA SPITALFIELDS   Part 2 of Matteo's Brewers Cup 2020 Championship experience. Read part 1 here.    Now the real work begins…  After a long and stressful day, we set off on our 6 hour drive back to London. It wasn’t long before the Watch House competition team...
  • Brewers Cup 2020 Champion Matteo
     Matteo D'Ottavio | Senior Barista Spitalfields   Hello everyone, my name is Matteo. I work as a barista for Watch House and I’m the UK Brewers Cup Champion 2020. Here, I would like to tell you my story about this incredible experience. Above: Matteo performing at Brewers Cup 2020  ...
  • Our favourite London spots.
    Faye Mitchell | Spitalfields House Manager   In cities across the world, different incarnations of café culture and speciality coffee are thriving. Locations as far reaching as Berlin, Tokyo and Dublin are constantly developing a unique sense of where cafés fit into their wider cultural identity; inviting locals and tourists to...
  • Sustainability<br>at WatchHouse.
    Joshua O’Leary | House Manager Bermondsey   With everyone’s attention firmly focused on the unfolding coronavirus crisis, it can be easy to forget about that other massive, potentially world-ending catastrophe (what a time to be alive right?) - environmental collapse. I suppose, in a way, the primary beneficiary of lockdown,...
  • Roasting friends.
    Fergus Smyth | Fetter Lane House Manager Here at Watch House we are incredibly passionate about coffee and most importantly the coffee we serve you. Last year our very talented Head of Coffee Ryan Garrick set up the WatchHouse guest roast series. Each Month, Ryan will work with a guest...
  • People, planet, and profit.
    Brodie Roberts | Head Barista Spitalfields   “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” - United Nations documents  We love coffee, and it’s no secret. It’s the reason we get up every morning. That coffee has traveled many miles to get...
  • Becoming a Q-Grader
    Ryan Garrick | Head of Coffee   In November last year, I became a Licensed Q-Arabica Grader, but what does that even mean?   What is a Q-Grader? A Q-Grader is an individual who is certified to determine the grade of a coffee on the Q-Scale developed by the Coffee...
  • Wellness guidance</br>during COVID-19 isolation.
    Josh O'Leary | Bermondsey House manager   Hello, wonderful WatchHousers. As the world moves into an entirely unprecedented state of affairs, the wellbeing of our community remains our number one priority. Over the past weeks, we have all been inundated with advice from the government regarding how to combat the...
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