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  • WatchHouse // Footpatrol </br> Air Jordan I OG High ‘Dark Mocha’
    WatchHouse // Footpatrol
    Air Jordan I OG High ‘Dark Mocha’
    Team WatchHouse // Footpatrol The best brewer meets the best kicks! We've teamed up with Footpatrol for the release of the Nike Air Jordan I OG High 'Dark Mocha'. This will be our team’s official shoe for the World Championships in Athens June 2021. The exclusive sneaker launches on Saturday 19th December and as part...
  • WatchHouse Bakery launches
    WatchHouse Bakery launches
    WatchHouse Bakery is dialled-in! Now providing our Houses with daily bakes paired with our coffee. We’re talking espresso brownies, croissant loaves, cookies and more.Our bakery team follows the same ethos as our Roastery. Transparency in sourcing and highlighting the provenance and terroir of ingredients.   Above: croissant loaf preparations  ...
  • Cupping at WatchHouse
    Cupping at WatchHouse
    In this article we take you deeper into our quality control processes, discussing with our Head of Coffee Ryan the important details surrounding how we cup our current and potential new coffees to ensure we are constantly evolving our offering. Above: Ryan Garrick and Jedrzej 'Jay' Chelminski taste testing  ...
  • Our Favourite London Spots
    Our Favourite London Spots
    Faye Mitchell | Spitalfields House Manager   In cities across the world, different incarnations of café culture and speciality coffee are thriving. Locations as far reaching as Berlin, Tokyo and Dublin are constantly developing a unique sense of where cafés fit into their wider cultural identity; inviting locals and tourists to...
  • We love our suppliers
    We love our suppliers
    Jacquelyn Coomber | Tower Bridge Assistant House Manager   What goes into successful product development? Where do you begin to make the mood-board a reality? How about finally getting your merchandised concept into the offering of a well-known coffee house in the London market?  Simplicity. It's the one common denominator for...
  • Becoming a Q-Grader
    Becoming a Q-Grader
    Ryan Garrick | Head of Coffee   In November last year, I became a Licensed Q-Arabica Grader, but what does that even mean?   What is a Q-Grader? A Q-Grader is an individual who is certified to determine the grade of a coffee on the Q-Scale developed by the Coffee...
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