Modern Coffee.


Our Story.

Our original House, also Watch House’ namesake, is a building with character like no other. Occupying no more than 25 square feet at the end of London’s famous Bermondsey Street, it was historically a shelter for men guarding St Mary Magdalane Church graveyard at night.

Today we honour its former role as a sanctuary, providing shelter to locals, commuters, families and dogs alike - though our hours may be slightly different and our sandwich offering a little. Preserving the legacy of this unique space started with the walls themselves.

Modern Coffee.

Taking this concept of honouring the history of a building/area we continue to grow into and develop Houses which are both familiar and wholly unique.

This aspect of design lead us to think more about what is ‘Modern Coffee’. Speciality Coffee is important to us, for it’s dedication to a transparent, positive supply chain; focus on provenance of flavour and overall quality of our coffee. It provides a benchmark, but it does not encapsulate for us the whole experience.

Modern Coffee isn’t just about excellent coffee, it’s about a welcoming service; a comforting, designed space, the food that accompanies your coffee and most importantly the people involved.

Our People

We want to promote a permaculture; our people are curious; hungry for knowledge and our internal program promotes this attitude through continuous engagement and development. Watch House isn’t simply a team of people, it is a group of fervent explorers, pushing the boundary on what it means to be a barista, a chef, a waiter

Our Team

At Watch House we aspire to build a team of full-time, career driven professionals. So, whether you visit us for a coffee or food be assured it is prepared and delivered by passionate professionals.

Roland Horne. CEO & Founder.

Roland has extensive experience in running small to medium sized businesses having started a luxury aquarium design consultancy in 2006 called Aquarium Architecture. In addition he holds directorships with property development funds Verum Domus and Coutts & Partners respectively. Roland holes a MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics. 

Roland Horne

CEO & Founder

Stephanie Gregg. Operations Director.

Steph joined early on as a Manager of our first site and has since progressed through the company. Originally from Brighton Sussex, Steph studied for her degree at the University of Leeds before pursuing a career in hospitality management. Steph oversees the operations of our sites along with her House and Assistant House Managers.

Stephanie Gregg

Operations Director

Peter Torino. Finance Director.

Peter joined as our Finance Director in 2012. Having
been an accountant and FD for over 40 years, Peter was instrumental in the acquisition of Seattle Coffee Company by Starbucks in the 90’s acting in the capacity of Finance Director. Peter oversees all financial functions of the business.

Peter Torino

Finance Director

Ryan Garrick. Head of Coffee.

Ryan joined in 2018 taking on the responsibility of all things wet. After making the finals of the Coffee Masters 2017 competition, Ryan has successfully passed his Q-grater exam and  passionately shares his knowledge and experience with all staff about the world of coffee through training manuals and events.

Ryan Garrick

Head of Coffee

Our Ethos.

We make great coffee, exceptional food all within a beautifully bespoke cosy environment tailored around our local community. It is a simple as that.

Welcome to Watch House.

Coffee Matchmaker

Rituals, Ventures or Rarities? All great coffees, so which to choose? Let us help you find your match in 4 simple steps.

Start Matching

How experienced are you with coffee and flavour notes?

Great! Now, How curious are you about developing your taste palette for more complex flavour profiles?

Nice. OK, What brew method do like to use?

Right. Last one, Do you take milk?


We think you'll love Rituals — those things in our life which ground us, be it a morning run or some evening journaling, our rituals are things we wouldn’t be the same without.


We think you'll love Ventures — selected as coffees which can open up our minds further to the potential of coffee. These cups will highlight more fruit forward or floral characteristics but with the balance of sweetness to back it up.


We think you'll love Rarities — our rarities are designed to blow our preconceptions of coffee out the water. Each month this category allows us to showcase cups which have flavours even we would not have thought possible from our humble coffee seed.