WatchHouse Bakery launches.

November 24, 2020

Written by WatchHouse .

WatchHouse Bakery launches. WatchHouse Bakery launches. WatchHouse Bakery launches.

WatchHouse Bakery is dialled-in! Now providing our Houses with daily bakes paired with our coffee. We’re talking espresso brownies, croissant loaves, cookies and more.

Our bakery team follows the same ethos as our Roastery. Transparency in sourcing and highlighting the provenance and terroir of ingredients.

 We focus on British produce, but with products such as chocolate or nuts when sourcing must come from afar, we focus on minimising their impact by maximising their use.

We place importance on the biodiversity of ingredients, for example the ancient grains we use to support the health of our ecosystems.

Surplus is a major issue in our industry that we want to tackle. For example, we work with Cacklebean for all of our egg needs, organic, with small flocks of hens giving them a huge freedom of space to roam. 

At our bakery, we take the “first eggs” from hens which are usually a lot smaller and considered a surplus and therefore wasted just like “ugly” fruits and vegetables. 

Our chefs think these eggs are even more delicious than the norm so it’s a win win by saving such beautiful ingredients and creating excellent products.

Last week we caught up with our Development Chef Adam to discuss the present and future ambitions for the bakery: 

Q. Great bakes aside, what are the aims for WH Bakery?

A. To promote biodiversity of products and highlight the provenance of ingredients.


Q. Favourite of the WH Bakes so far?

A. The 1829 Brownie with Bare Bones Chocolate, I love the process of pairing unique coffees with the right chocolates to elevate the experience.


Q. What future bakes/aspirations do you have?

A. To do for the classic brownie what Five Elephant did for vanilla cheesecake.


Q. Most interesting surplus experiment?

A. So actually something savoury, I’m working on replacing traditional stock with batch brew coffee as a means to slow cook Bavette Steak for some upcoming brunch specials!