In-House: Califia Farms.

July 05, 2024

Written by WatchHouse .

In-House: Califia Farms. In-House: Califia Farms. In-House: Califia Farms.

At WatchHouse, we believe in enhancing every coffee experience with quality and care. That’s why we've chosen Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend as our dairy alternative of choice—meticulously selected to complement our exceptional roasts. Whether you prefer a velvety latte, a smooth cappuccino, or a bold flat white, this oat milk elevates each one with its rich, subtly sweet flavour profile.

Founded in California, Califia Farms is on a mission to create a future where plants replace dairy, without compromise. Since its inception in 2010, Califia Farms has been crafting delicious, nutritious products that are better for people and the planet. We love their commitment to quality and sustainability, which is evident in every aspect of their Oat Barista Blend.

Crafted specifically to pair with coffee, this blend provides a naturally rich and creamy texture along with a subtly sweet flavour. Designed to complement WatchHouse beans perfectly, it enhances the coffee experience with each sip. Unlike many other plant-based milks, our baristas love it, as it froths and steams like a dream, creating the ideal base for latte art and ensuring velvety consistency in every cup.

Sustainability is also at the heart of Califia Farms’ mission. Produced using 100% green energy and responsibly sourced oats, this oat milk reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Knowing that each sip supports sustainable practices adds an extra layer of satisfaction to your coffee enjoyment.

Enjoy an oat latte, flat white, or cappuccino at WatchHouse and taste the difference that quality and sustainability bring to your cup.