Introducing the Ember Mug.

May 25, 2021

Written by WatchHouse .

Introducing the Ember Mug. Introducing the Ember Mug. Introducing the Ember Mug.

Temperature and taste. 

Brewing specialty coffee is a process that requires precision and consistency. Baristas and home brewers alike spend time, patience and effort working on the precision and consistency of each process; from properly storing coffee beans and investing in the right equipment. It’s this dedication that leads to the highest quality cup possible every time. 

Temperature is one of a number of components that requires the same level of detail, and covers more than just the temperature of the water used to brew. Preheating brewing equipment to ensure temperature stability and keeping grinder burrs warm enough to achieve consistent grind are two further examples of how temperature is considered. If this much attention is given to temperature when brewing coffee, surely it makes sense to give the same attention to detail to drinking it? 

When we think about enjoying coffee it’s all about your experience of the brew’s characteristics, with and enjoying a cup at your preferred drinking temperature. Specialty coffee is complex, aromatic and offers a unique flavour experience, balancing sweetness, bitterness and acidity. Temperature has a big effect on our experience and perception of aromas and flavour. At around 76°C the perception of flavour and aroma begins; the coffee releases a lot of vapour which enhances your perception of aroma, but can inhibit perception of flavour. Between 60°C and 70°C, you can experience higher levels of aroma perception, but the complexities of a coffee’s flavour profile won’t start to really shine until the coffee cools down. Between 31°C and 50°C, the highest number of flavours can be experienced, mainly associated with acidity and sweetness. The fruity, floral and nutty complexities are alive here.

Introducing the Ember Mug. 

For the ultimate drinking experience, your whole cup should be enjoyed at the sweet spot of temperature. Introducing the Ember Mug, the world’s first temperature control mug featuring intuitive technology that allows you to set your preferred drinking temperature, and keep it there for up to 90 minutes. Designed with multiple precision sensors ensuring accurate temperature control and a convection current circulating your coffee from top to bottom, each sip of your favourite coffee is entirely uniform.

WatchHouse Head of Product, Paul Ross, recommends trying a drinking temperature of 60°C for filter coffee; “The benefit of the Ember Mug is that although we have a temperature recommendation, everyone is different and every coffee is different too. Some coffees may be at their peak a little cooler or a little hotter and by using the Ember Mug to set the drinking temperature, it puts the power in the drinker’s hands and allows you to experience the whole cup at its best. Personally, I drink my coffee on the cool side. Too hot and it can be more difficult to detect some of the unique flavours and aromas, but at a cooler temperature, coffees are able to display the complexity and the quality we expect from specialty coffee.”

There are also a range of features including pre-setting temperatures for multiple drinks, making the Ember Mug the perfect companion when exploring a selection of coffees at a range of different temperatures. For specialty teas the Ember app even features a programmable brewing timer and recipe suggestions for when you’re needing a little caffeine break. 


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