Basic brewing principles.

September 13, 2020

Written by WatchHouse .

Basic brewing principles. Basic brewing principles. Basic brewing principles.

Whatever your preferred brewing method there are some basic principles that by taking the time to understand you will be brewing much better coffee!

Grind size.

Coffee needs an appropriate amount of contact time with water to produce a great cup of coffee. This can be controlled by adjusting your grind size; by going finer and therefore increasing the surface area you will expose more of the coffee and increase the contact time by slowing the flow of water. If your coffee tastes thin and sour, you may want to consider grinding finer. Conversely if your coffee tastes dry and flat, you may want to grind coarser.

Coffee to water ratio.

In coffee we have a golden ratio of 60g of coffee per litre of water. It is not hard and fast but offers a great starting point for your brewing. It’s important to note that the weight of coffee and water must be measured using a gram scale. Volumetric measurements such as scoops or cups are not appropriate as coffee's density - based upon its origin, process, roast degree and other factors - varies greatly. 

Water type.

We get flavour from coffee because there are soluble compounds which are taken by the mineral ions present in water. This means it is important, particularly for those in hard water areas, that you are using a method for filtering your water. Hard water will create cups that are flat and dull, while soft water will cause your coffees to appear thin, sour or empty.