Acaia Pearl Coffee Scales.

Meet the award-winning Acaia Pearl - reimagined. Take your pour over skills to the next level. Read more.


AP007 / AP008 / AP009


W: 160mm L: 160mm H: 32mm


2000 g / 70.55 oz

Min weight.


Measuring units.

g / oz



Power supply.

5 V / 500 mA

Battery life.

30-40 Hours


Bluetooth 5.0


1 year
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Our approach.

Our aspiration is to be the local hero of choice, a home to customers who make decisions with craft and quality in mind. We are dedicated to transparent, ethical coffee & food supply chains and source seasonally from the best producers around the world. We share these sourcing stories with you, as we believe enjoyment of food & coffee is more than just consumption, it's knowledge. We take equal pride in the skill that goes into sourcing, production and presentation.

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The award winning Acaia Pearl features dual technology, built in flow-rate indicator and USB-C charging. Each scale is hand crafted, checked and calibrated. The real-time flow-rate indicator teaches you to control your pouring in real-time. Improve your overall brewing ability and achieve a desired extraction ratio every single time. The new weighing technology saves time as it stabilises faster and more accurately during brewing. With adjustable brightness, the display is easy to read in all indoor and outdoor light conditions. The lithium battery lasts 30 to 40 hours, if you brew a cup of coffee per day, you will only need to charge every few months. 


What's included: 

Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale x 1, Heat Resistant Pad x 1, USB Type-C Charger Cable x 1

Globally Sourced. Locally Crafted.

Cupped, tested, developed and roasted at our Coffee Lab in South London and New York.

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It encapsulates the attention to detail, creativity, and focus on provenance and quality.

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