Pod brew guide.

February 09, 2022

Written by WatchHouse .

Pod brew guide. Pod brew guide. Pod brew guide.

WatchHouse pods bring you the Modern Coffee experience in a new medium, with single origin coffees carefully selected and roasted by our team at 36 Maltby Street. Rather than trying to replicate the same experience you’ll find in our cafes, we’ve taken our expertise and applied it to a pod format. Our aim? To create an exceptional specialty pod and make the experience of single origin coffee more convenient than ever before.

With all coffee brewing education is key to getting the best cup possible,  so we’ve rounded up the key information you’ll need to enjoy our pod ranges to their fullest potential. 


What you’ll need:

- A pod machine

- Clean, fresh water

- Coffee pods

- Coffee mug or server



1. First, ensure your pod machine is on and suitably full of water. 

2. Select the coffee pod you'd like to brew.

3. Open the lever and insert the pod

4. Close the lever, securing the pod and place a cup or mug underneath

5. Select the setting you'd like to use for brewing, then brew

6. Take the cup away, release the pod by lifting the lever and closing it again.

7. Enjoy.


Brewing Recommendations.

- Descale your machine. Removing limescale ensures the longevity of your pod machine and ensures the flavour of your brew is uncompromised. We’d recommend getting into the habit of descaling your machine every 600 coffees, or at least every six month (with those in areas with particularly hard water like London considering every 4-6 months.)

- Use filtered water. Water generally makes up 90% of your cup of coffee, so being considerate of the water you use contributes to a great final cup. Filtered or bottled water contains the best balance of minerals needed to achieve coffee’s fullest potential when brewing; it’s why we use filtered water in all of our cafes.

- Many pod machines will have programmable buttons that dispense a pre-set volume of water, giving you a certain weight out. This means that if there’s an ideal weight out for a specific pod, you just need to programme the buttons accordingly to get a great result every time. See your machine’s manufacturing instructions for details. For our coffee pod ranges we recommend:


Short: 25-30g weight out. Long: 70g weight out. 


Short: 25-30g weight out. Long: 80g weight out. 


Short: 25-30g weight out. Long: 60g weight out.



The Morning Machine. 

The Morning Machine is the world’s first specialty pod brewing technology, integrating commercial and professional coffee machine features. It’s our machine of choice for an elevated at home experience, with unrivalled technology including a built in TDS meter to help you calibrate water to optimum brewing levels, and a second separate water spout which dispenses clean water to prepare a variety of beverages aside from coffee. 

The inbuilt scale helps you personalise brewing recipes easier than ever, and with the help of the fully integrated Morning Mobile app, you’ll find an incredible archive of recipes from some of the best specialty pod producers from around the world. 

If you are a Morning Pod Machine user our recipes can be found on the Morning app; the perfect Rituals, Ventures or Horizons brew is already in the palm of your hand.