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Modern Coffee.

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We approach coffee with a scientific perspective, pursuing a deep knowledge of all the physics and chemistry affecting the steps we can measure in order to get the best quality result, consistently. We are continuously challenging ourselves by committing time to
research and challenging our concepts so we can be assured we are developing and working on facts.

When it comes to selecting coffees, we look for those which are excellent examples of their terroir, be it a Washed Ethiopian with standout florals or a nutty Pulped Natural Brazil, we are looking for the coffee on the table which is the best example of this regions character. 
Our processes in the roastery and coffee bars all centre around highlighting the character of these coffees, we profile our roasts to emphasise the terroir and minimise the impact of roast flavour. In the bars, the baristas focus on all of their working variables to achieve recipes, which again pay homage to the place of that coffee.

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We think you'll love Rarities. Throw caution to the wind and challenge your preconceptions. Each month we showcase cups that reveal flavours we wouldn’t have thought possible from the humble coffee bean.


We think you’ll love Ventures. Some days we seek adventure. Fresh inspiration. These are the days when we welcome the unexpected. A single curiosity that will open our minds to new possibilities.


We think you'll love Rituals. Like an evening bath or reading the Sunday papers, these are the coffees that ground us. Comforting, warm, familiar.

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