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Modern Coffee.

Modern Coffee.

Our Approach to Coffee

We are WatchHouse, a technically minded team of coffee professionals with a holistic approach we call Modern Coffee.

We thoroughly assess coffees from a technical perspective but we always look at the bigger picture of “How will you experience this coffee?”. Quality score just isn’t everything, we seek coffees that we believe you will taste and love day in, day out whatever your brewing preference.

Every coffee that makes it into our offering has undergone thorough technical analysis. We tend to select 1 in every 20 green coffees (if we are lucky) for further sensory analysis when we then step into the consumers shoes and ask the question, what does this coffee do for our customers?

With this approach we lay the foundation for providing you with an exceptional coffee experience. At our cafes or in your own home.

Fresh & Hand Roasted

Our team roast every batch manually, tracking and constantly refining the ideal “roast profile” to highlight the character of each coffee.

We package, and wrap your entire order with the same attention to detail, with method specific recipes and settings to ensure you get the most out of your WatchHouse experience at YourHouse.

A holistic approach to everything that surrounds that excellent cup of coffee.

Sustainably Sourced

Look, coffee has to travel far to get to us, we can’t stop that. But what we can do is dedicate ourselves to an excellent sourcing program, working with our importing partners to select coffees that we are sure you will love and that the producers love too as they provide a positive impact on the sustainability of their livelihoods.

Our planet, that provides us with the conditions to grow excellent coffee. Along with our suppliers, we look after the environmental impact of our coffees, a great example being our Decaf, farmed, processed and decaffeinated, chemical free, in Colombia with only a few miles separating the entire process.

Coffee Matchmaker

Rituals. Ventures. Rarities. Which brew is right for you? Find your perfect match in six simple steps.

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We think you'll love Rarities. Throw caution to the wind and challenge your preconceptions. Each month we showcase cups that reveal flavours we wouldn’t have thought possible from the humble coffee bean.


We think you’ll love Ventures. Some days we seek adventure. Fresh inspiration. These are the days when we welcome the unexpected. A single curiosity that will open our minds to new possibilities.


We think you'll love Rituals. Like an evening bath or reading the Sunday papers, these are the coffees that ground us. Comforting, warm, familiar.