Modern Coffee.


From Our House to Your Home

At Watch House we want you to be as excited as we are when it comes to coffee, and  be able to enjoy a great brew even if you can’t get to your favourite House. We’ve developed a range of information and brew guides to help you understand the important points for achieving a consistently delicious cup, and give you the confidence and skills to experiment with brewing at home.

Basic Brewing Principles

Understanding the foundations of what it takes to brew speciality coffee is a really important place to begin when it comes to building your skills and achieving great results. Our Basic Brewing Principals take you through everything you need to know to get started on your journey to the perfect cup, and aims to answer some common questions when it comes to brewing at home. 

Get the perfect brew everytime

Alongside exploring the fundamentals, we have created guides for a few of our favourite brewing methods. Helping you every step of the way, it’s time to put those basic brewing principles into practice! 

Our Green Coffee Program

Coffee moves with the seasons and of course we aim to select the best lots we can find but what is the best lot? As licensed Q-Graders, we can objectively say this coffee scores higher than the other but our green coffee program is a lot more than that. We aim to curate an offering which provides a range that our customers want to brew time and time again. An offering that provides both comfort and intrigue, it’s important for us to sometimes disconnect from the objective and ask subjectively, what do you want?

Our Roasting Program

Our roasting program follows the same principles as our green coffee. We want to roast for a variety of methods and to create cups you want to drink time and again. So how does this happen? As we are roasting, we carefully track how the coffee is reacting, manipulating gas and airflow to ensure we develop it at what we consider an optimal speed and to an optimum final temperature for that coffee.

This ‘roast profile’ is determined through initial knowledge of the green coffee, it’s density and moisture, which we track alongside empirical evidence on how coffees from a particular region have behaved previously. More importantly, we sample every batch of coffee; take notes in an agreed format; discuss and further develop what we want to get out of each coffee. The ultimate aim? A cup which highlights the provenance and quality of the coffee. Be it bursting with fruit like acidity, sweet florals or chocolate and nuts, our goal is always to champion that coffees character.


The aim follows on from roasting, how do we highlight the inherent character of a coffee? We at the roastery, alongside our professional barista team, will brew, record and taste a given coffee over a number of days before deciding on all the variables which get the best from this cup.

We look closely at the optimum ‘rest period’ (time from roasting); test brew parameters such as coffee to water ratio; grind size; water temperature; total brewing time individually and eventually we have what we consider to be the best recipe for serving to our guests.

Coffee Matchmaker

Rituals, Ventures or Rarities? All great coffees, so which to choose? Let us help you find your match in 4 simple steps.

Start Matching

How experienced are you with coffee and flavour notes?

Great! Now, How curious are you about developing your taste palette for more complex flavour profiles?

Nice. OK, What brew method do like to use?

Right. Last one, Do you take milk?


We think you'll love Rituals — those things in our life which ground us, be it a morning run or some evening journaling, our rituals are things we wouldn’t be the same without.


We think you'll love Ventures — selected as coffees which can open up our minds further to the potential of coffee. These cups will highlight more fruit forward or floral characteristics but with the balance of sweetness to back it up.


We think you'll love Rarities — our rarities are designed to blow our preconceptions of coffee out the water. Each month this category allows us to showcase cups which have flavours even we would not have thought possible from our humble coffee seed.