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Modern Coffee.


  • Bath
    Located on the historic Old Bond Street in the city’s central conservation area, WatchHouse Bath represents the business’ first foray outside of London. Known for curating exceptional experiences within its Houses, the space has been conceived by renowned designer Deidra Hodgson and will offer seating for over 80 people. We...
  • Marylebone.
    Located in the former ‘Chiron House’ at the far west end of New Cavendish Street, a short walk from Marylebone High street, our eleventh House is a multi-level brunch cafe offering the full Modern Coffee experience. Whether dining in or dropping by for takeaway, the House hosts a Slayer Steam...
  • Hanover.
    Located in Medici Courtyard, a short walk from Regent Street, WatchHouse Hanover is accessible from both New Bond Street and Hanover Square; just 30 seconds from the new Bond Street Elizabeth Line station. Our tenth House is a  contemporary cafe space offering Modern Coffee to Marylebone, focused on fast paced...
  • Covent Garden.
    Located in the heart of Central London, in between The Strand and the iconic Covent Garden Market, WatchHouse Covent Garden provides a fully immersive Modern Coffee experience. Whether dining in or stopping by for a quick coffee break, our House hosts a Slayer Steam LPx (the espresso machine of choice...
  • Seven Dials.
    Located in the bustling heart of London’s West End, WatchHouse Seven Dials offers the full Modern Coffee experience arranged over two bright levels. Whether dining in or dropping by for takeaway, our ninth House hosts a Slayer Steam LPx (the espresso machine of choice for high volume high efficiency specialty...
  • Bishopsgate.
    Situated in the heart of the City, just a stones throw from our St. Mary’s Axe House, WatchHouse Bishopsgate is an elevated take on the grab and go aspect of our original site at 199 Bermondsey Street. A conceptual espresso bar, featuring a Slayer Steam LPx, focused on fast paced...
  • St. Mary Axe.
    A triple-level WatchHouse location based in the iconic Foggo designed ‘Can of Ham’ building in The City of London. A 3900sq ft café arranged over 3 floors features state of the brewing tech including a custom brewbar, 3Temp single serve doser and ModBar. Inspiration for this space was taken from...
  • Roastery & Café.
    Roastery, training centre and HQ, WatchHouse Maltby Street is an invitation for customers to immerse themselves in the world of Modern Coffee. This repurposed railway arch has been designed with curiosity in mind as you look through the feature glass wall, and watch the team roasting, training and tasting. With...
  • Somerset House
    When the opportunity arose for us to inhabit one of London’s most iconic cultural institutions, we knew it was the perfect place for our next House. Inspired by the incredible Neoclassical architecture, our design team sought to highlight the existing beauty of the East Wing whilst adding a contemporary touch....
  • Spitalfields.
    Opened in May 2019 amongst the bustle of Commercial Street, our Spitalfields House offers a bright environment for coffee lovers and brunchers seven days a week. A location in such a dynamic area called for transformation. We worked on opening up the space; creating a downstairs level for customers, and...
  • Fetter Lane.
    The 1800's saw Fetter Lane alive with the business of publishing, but fast forward a few hundred years, it has evolved into a corporate hub of international business and law. With this historically fast paced environment in mind, we designed our House here to be a true espresso bar without...
  • Tower Bridge.
    Our flagship site, Watch House Tower Bridge, has already undergone quite the transformation since opening its doors in 2016. Starting off a little further down the street, we moved into the Cardamom Building in the summer of 2019. Drawing design inspiration from the merchant history of the River Thames, we...
  • Bermondsey.
    Our original House, namesake and very own tardis, WatchHouse Bermondsey Street is a building with character like no other. This charming space only seats ten but accommodates hundreds more serving up fantastic coffees, sandwiches and sweet treats every day of the week. In the years since launching our first house...
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