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Kalita Wave Brew Guide

The Kalita dripper is used for a pour over process, similar to a Chemex or V60, perfect for achieving brews bursting with bright acidity and a clean, crisp finish. Unlike other pour over drippers where the water runs through a single hole, the Kalita features a flat bottom with three extraction holes. This helps eliminate the channeling of water through the coffee bed affecting the quality of the final cup. 


What You’ll Need

- Kalita dripper

- Kalita filter papers

- 16g of coffee

- Coffee mug or server

- Scales

- Timer

- Grinder

- Kettle – ideally a gooseneck kettle

- 240ml of freshly boiled water 



1. First, place a filter inside the Kalita dripper on top of your mug or server. Rinse the filter with some hot water, then discard the water from your mug or server. 

2. Grind your coffee to medium coarse and dispense it into the Kalita. Make sure the coffee is evenly distributed across the bottom of the filter. 

3. If you have a kettle with temperature control, set the temperature to 96C. If not, then simply set your kettle to boil. 


Blooming Phase

1. Place your Kalita and server onto your scales, tare the scales to zero, and when you’re ready to pour start the timer.

2. Using gentle circular motions, pour in 40g of water. Make sure you are covering all of the coffee evenly.

3. Give the coffee a stir or pick up the Kalita and give the coffee a gentle swirl to ensure all the coffee has been evenly wet. 

4. Allow to bloom for 30 seconds.


Brewing Phase

1. At 30 seconds you need to start your pour, using a controlled spiralling motion starting in the centre, and working out to the walls of the Kalita. Stop your first pour when the brew weight reaches 150g. 

2. Around 1:10 – 1:20, you need to start your second pour. Using the same spiralling motion, pour the water until the brew weight reaches 260g.

3. Stop now and wait for your brew to drain through the filter. In total the whole process should take between 3:00 and 3:30 minutes. You should notice the coffee bed is completely flat after draining. 

4. Remove the Kalita from your server or mug, stir and enjoy!

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