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Kalita Wave Brew Guide

The Kalita dripper is a pour-over, similar to a Chemex or V60, which makes for a clean cup. This contrasts with the robust profile of full-immersion brews, such as the French Press or Clever.

Yet while similar to the Chemex or V60, the Kalita has a markedly different extraction configuration. Rather than water dripping through a singular hole, it features a flat bottom with three extraction holes. This eliminates any channeling of water in the coffee bed, resulting in an extremely crisp cup. The dripper also has minimal contact with the filter, allowing for consistency in temperature and an even dispersion of water.




- Kalita Dripper

- Kalita papers

- Glass server or coffee mug

- Coffee scale

- Burr grinder

- Kettle – ideally with a gooseneck (agitation is another variable for coffee brewing, make sure you use this kind of kettle for better control of the water flow)

- Filtered water – 240ml

- 16g of Coffee




    1. Place the filter inside the Kalita dripper on top of your server;

    2. Rinse the filter with hot water and then discard it from the server;

    3. Grind your 16g of coffee medium  and place it inside your Kalita – make sure you even out the coffee bed inside the filter;

    4. Set your kettle temperature to 96°C. 



    Blooming phase

    Pre-infusing the grounds for at least 30 seconds will saturate evenly the coffee bed and will help you to brew fresh coffee consistently. Gasses formed inside the coffee bean during the roasting process will slowly be released in this phase.


    1. Tare your scale and start your timer;

    2. Using circular motions, evenly wet all the coffee bed, pour 40g of hot water;

    3. With both hands, grab the Dripper, give it a swirl to make sure all coffee is evenly wet and no dry clumps are left behind;

    4. Allow it to bloom for 30 seconds.


    Brewing phase

    With all the grounds evenly saturated we can ensure a better and even extraction. In the brewing phase you should keep a look on how you pour. A constant controlled pour will ensure the coffee bed won’t get too much disturbed. Using concentric movements will ensure water flows evenly through the coffee bed.


    1. After the blooming phase of 30 seconds, start pouring in a spiral motion up to 150g.

    2. From 1:10-1:20 complete the second pour, using the same spiral motion up to the total brew weight (260g).

    3. Your total brew time should be 3:00-3:15. ( You know you’ve done it correctly, if the bed is flat after draining.)

    4. Stir, serve and enjoy!

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