Welcome to our Modern Coffee investor community, we are thrilled to have you with us for our next phase of growth. 

Please see our generic terms and conditions for reward redemptions and a selection of frequently asked questions below.

Terms and Conditions (general)

Each rewards has specific activation and redemption dates which must be adhered to. Rewards for in-Houses are for UK houses only currently. Reward availability may be affected by menu changes. All rewards are subject to change and can be cancelled at any time. Rewards and vouchers are not transferable, cannot be gifted to another person and are not convertible for cash. Maximum of 1 voucher redeemable per order. 

I think you’ve added me to the wrong reward tier, what do I do? 

Please contact invest@watchhouse.com to clarify your correct tier. 

What if I want more coffee or different coffee to what is being offered? 

Unfortunately, the reward can only be used on the coffees that have been pre-curated by our team.  You are very welcome to shop with us again and try other coffees we have available. 

I am trying to download the app and having issues – what do I do? 

Make sure the email address you signed up to invest with is the same as your WatchHouse app account email address.  You will receive a verification email upon download to activate your app account.  Please check junk mail if you have not received it. Please contact hello@watchhouse.com if you have other issues and we’ll try to help. 

My login details for the App dont work on the Web and vice versa? What am I doing wrong?  

The app and the online shop are two different platforms and require a unique registration for both. You should use the same email for both registrations.  

I cannot remember the email I signed up with Crowdcube with. 

It’s the email address we contact you on about these rewards. If still having issues, please contact Crowdcube directly here: https://help.crowdcube.com/hc/en-us/requests/new  

I have downloaded the app, registered and my rewards are not showing up, what do I do? 

Please contact hello@watchhouse.com and we will look into. 

I’m still waiting on a delivery, what do I do? 

Please contact orders@watchhouse.com  

I’m late activating my rewards on the app; can I have an extension? 

We are afraid not; we have made sure investors have ample notice and time to activate and redeem their rewards. 

I’ve not redeemed my vouchers in time, can I have an extension? 

We are afraid not; we have made sure investors have ample notice and time to activate and redeem their rewards. 

I am not happy with my rewards, who do I contact about it? 

Please contact invest@watchhouse.com 

I have questions about my shares, who can I speak to? 

Please contact Crowdcube directly here: https://help.crowdcube.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 

I would like to gift my rewards to someone else, how do I do this?  

The rewards must be set up in the email address used for the initial investment. The rewards are non-transferable and must be organised and used by the primary investor.