The City Sunrise: your refreshing summer choice.

June 17, 2024

Written by WatchHouse .

The City Sunrise: your refreshing summer choice. The City Sunrise: your refreshing summer choice. The City Sunrise: your refreshing summer choice.
Discover the City Sunrise at WatchHouse—a refreshing blend of orange juice and rooibos tea, perfect for summer days.

We are excited to unveil the City Sunrise, a delightful creation by Sam DeVries, our talented barista at WatchHouse Tower Bridge. Sam's innovative drink won our internal Summer Drinks Competition and is set to become your go-to refreshment this season.

Featuring orange juice, cold-brewed rooibos tea, simple syrup, and a slice of orange for garnish, the drink’s beautiful layers mimic the iconic Tequila Sunrise, yet it’s aptly named the City Sunrise. This tribute to the breathtaking sunrises over Tower Bridge that Sam witnesses on her way to work perfectly captures the essence of this delicious drink.

City Sunrise

Sam’s intention was clear: to craft an easy, elevated, and original alternative to iced coffee. She envisioned a drink perfect for a sunny day in the park with friends, something refreshing and nostalgic to cure your thirst (or a Sunday hangover). The City Sunrise is that drink—a perfect blend of childhood nostalgia and adult sophistication.

A rooibos enthusiast, Sam enjoys a cup nearly every shift. She chose rooibos as the base for its unique, often overlooked flavour profile, ensuring it got the spotlight it deserves. By pairing it with orange juice, she created a harmonious blend where neither ingredient overpowers the other. The simple syrup adds balance to the acidity of the orange juice, while the orange slice garnish provides an elegant finish.

Already generating buzz among our customers, the City Sunrise promises to be the refreshing solution for the hot summer ahead. Visit WatchHouse and be among the first to try the City Sunrise—your perfect companion for those sunny days and leisurely brunches.

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