Celebrating Women in Coffee.

March 07, 2024

Written by WatchHouse .

Celebrating Women in Coffee. Celebrating Women in Coffee. Celebrating Women in Coffee.

This International Women's Day, we're proud to spotlight the incredible women who play a vital role in coffee production, exemplified by our seasonal 1829 Espresso, Women Salado Blanco.

Behind every batch of coffee lies a story of collaboration and dedication. Often, it's the wives and mothers of the farms balancing household duties with coffee work who shape the quality and success of our coffee. From perfecting fermentation processes to managing production and business operations, these women are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the coffee industry.

Women Salado Blanco is brought to you by these key women whose collective efforts enrich the coffee industry.

  • Doña Nidia, a teacher at a local school, also finances the Los Naranjos Farm. She convinced Don Teodolfo about the value of working with Cata for specialty coffee, leading their family business forward.
  • At Buenavista farm, Maryuri, Rigo's wife, handles the wet mill and meticulous production details. Their attention to quality has made their coffee a top seller.
  • Yolanda Hoyos, from Palestina, partners with her son in coffee, demonstrating her dedication to the craft. Her son is training to become a barista and Q-Grader to support her farm.
  • Other women, like Yolima, Fausto's wife, also contribute significantly to the success of this partnership and the production of exceptional coffee in Salado Blanco.

But the celebrating women in coffee doesn't end there. At WatchHouse, we're committed to promoting gender diversity and talent development within our own team. We're proud to have female roasters like Anja, who has been recently promoted from head barista to junior roaster, and Nikol, who is pursuing her Q Grading certification. Their dedication and skill contribute to the exceptional quality of our coffee and serve as a testament to our commitment to gender equality in the coffee industry.

This International Women's Day, let's raise a cup to the remarkable women behind Women Salado Blanco and all the women shaping the future of coffee.