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Businde Natural (Filter)

When selecting coffees for our filter offering, we are looking for wholly unique cups. We were taken by natural lot from Burundi right away, it had stand-out floral characteristics as well as a bright, sweet berry like acidity of high quality. The coffee is held together well by its pronounced sweetness so it can be enjoyed all the way from hot to cold, another element, which is key to us for filter brewing.

Businde, is located in the northern province of Kayanza, close to the Rwandan border. This is a station with a wide reach to local coffee farmers, processing the cherry of up to 650 local farming families. As a washing station, it is important to consider the payment of workers who process the cherry as well as the price received by those who cultivated them.

Businde’s producers received a premium that was 20% above the local market rate this season, by working with the station. And as a station, Businde pays its staff almost 60% above the rate for casual labour in Burundi.

To assist with the dispersing of coffee pulp, Matraco distributes this compost as fertiliser to help the farmers nearby. Alongside this, they assist with the yields of local farmers by donating seedlings to their farms.


Origin – Burundi
Region – Kayanza
Traceability – Businde Washing Station
Altitude – 1650-1800m
Varietal – Red Bourbon
Process – Natural
Taste Profile – Coffee Blossom, Strawberry Jam, Assam

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