Angie Hernandez Decaf

Winner of the US Brewers Cup 2024, this short run decaf coffee is from our friends and innovators Oscar, Angie and Anibal at Los Nogales. Read more.

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Pear Drops, Dark Chocolate, Marzipan






Finca Los Nogales






Washed Anaerobic, EA Decaf

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Our aspiration is to be the local hero of choice, a home to customers who make decisions with craft and quality in mind. We are dedicated to transparent, ethical coffee & food supply chains and source seasonally from the best producers around the world. We share these sourcing stories with you, as we believe enjoyment of food & coffee is more than just consumption, it's knowledge. We take equal pride in the skill that goes into sourcing, production and presentation.

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Horizons - Decaf 


We take decaf seriously. Too long overlooked, we want to change the narrative. Blur the lines. Decaffeinated coffee should never feel like an afterthought. 


Ever the innovators, our friends at Los Nogales, Oscar, Angie and Anibal, produced this exceptional decaf at their farm. Traditionally, decaf is a process carried out at facilities separated from the farmers but the team wanted to see how far they could push the quality of decaf.


After pulping, the coffee seeds are placed in tanks with both their mosto (juice of the cherries) and ethyl acetate which is the normal compound used to extract caffeine. By using this in conjunction with the mosto of the cherry, the team are able to still create those exotic and intense flavours we've come to know them for.


The coffee is so exceptional it just took first place at the US Brewers Cup 2024 and we are delighted to have a small amount of this to share with you both online and in our Houses for a limited time only.

Globally Sorced. Locally Crafted.

Cupped, tested, developed and roasted at our Coffee Lab in South London and New York.

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It encapsulates the attention to detail, creativity, and focus on provenance and quality.

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Colombia’s diverse terroir encompasses several coffee producing regions, each with its distinct microclimate and soil composition. Notable coffee regions include Huila, Nariño, Antioquia, and Cauca. These regions contribute to the wide range of flavors found in Colombian coffees.

Colombia cultivates different coffee varietals, such as Caturra, Castillo, Pink Bourbon, Typica, and Gesha to name a few. Coffee farms are often situated in the ideal altitude range of 1,200 to 1,800 MaSL, which provides coffee cherries with ample time to ripen, leading to well-balanced acidity and notable sweetness in the beans.

Discover Colombia.
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