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At WatchHouse we are driving to build something meaningful, and for us that starts with our people. 

We are always on the lookout for professionals with a thirst for knowledge and passion for hospitality, and in return offer comprehensive training programmes, career progression and a community of curious minds. If you’re looking for your next opportunity in Modern Coffee we want to hear from you.

Contact us: careers@watchhouse.com


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Rituals. Ventures. Rarities. Which brew is right for you? Find your perfect match in six simple steps.

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We think you'll love Rarities. Throw caution to the wind and challenge your preconceptions. Each month we showcase cups that reveal flavours we wouldn’t have thought possible from the humble coffee bean.


We think you’ll love Ventures. Some days we seek adventure. Fresh inspiration. These are the days when we welcome the unexpected. A single curiosity that will open our minds to new possibilities.


We think you'll love Rituals. Like an evening bath or reading the Sunday papers, these are the coffees that ground us. Comforting, warm, familiar.

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