Las Alasitas

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Blueberry, Agave and Papaya






Finca Las Alasitas






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Nestled near Caranavi, Bolivia, Finca Alasitas offers breathtaking mountain vistas at the edge of the Amazon jungle. Surrounded by lush foliage and the melody of birds, it's a haven of luxury. Finca Los Rodriguez showcases modern farming with Red and Yellow Caturra, Java, and Gesha coffee plants, each thriving in distinct microclimates. "Alasitas," meaning 'Buy Me' in Aymara, echoes a local festival where miniatures symbolise dreams.

This farm inspires local growers to unlock their land's potential. The Rodriguez family supports this with their expertise in both growing and processing coffee, meaning we can now share a diverse range of exceptional Bolivian coffee, like this Caturra with exotic notes of papaya and blueberry, as well as a syrupy texture and sweetness.

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