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WatchHouse x Haeckels Bundle.
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WatchHouse x Haeckels Bundle.

Introducing our latest collaboration, with skincare brand Haeckels; 1829 Espresso Handwash and Oat Milk Moisturising Lotion - inspired by lazy weekend brunches and built from waste. We’re proud to partner with Haeckels, creating two new products from our waste streams, focusing on output from our brunch Houses and Maltby Street roastery in Bermondsey, South London. Haeckels took our coffee chaff, (a byproduct from roasting our 1829 Espresso beans) and up-cycled it into an espresso-based hand wash, alongside avocado seeds and oat milk to create an intensely softening and nourishing moisturising lotion.

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The 1829 Espresso Handwash and Oat Milk Moisturising Lotion are intended to transport you to that relaxed and enjoyable weekend morning.

WatchHouse 1829 Espresso Hand Wash.

Our hand wash features the traditional Haeckels bladderwrack seaweed and sea buckthorn, complemented by robust coffee extracts to create a truly refreshing wash alongside tomato seed oil, sea buckthorn and oat milk extract for the perfect moisturising and hydrating lotion.

Oat Milk Moisturising Lotion.

Combining oat kernel oil and our signature bladderwrack extract to provide the skin with vital amino acids and antioxidants to protect the skin from dryness. The formula also includes an extract of waste avocado seeds from WatchHouse. This antioxidant-rich extract works to replenish dry skin and provide lasting moisturisation.


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