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Zero charge for alt milks
(and a final farewell to almond).

Making sustainable options more accessible is key to improving our environmental impact, so we’re happy to announce that we have removed all surcharges for the environmentally better alt milk choices. This also feeds into our aim to be as inclusive and supportive as possible for those who have food intolerances or choose to live a plant-based lifestyle.


Above: Oat latte pouring.

A 2018 study by researchers at the University of Oxford showed that producing a glass of dairy milk results in almost three times more greenhouse gas emissions than any plant-based milk and it consumes nine times more land than any of the milk alternatives. In short, land is required to pasture the cows and grow their feed, which the animals then emit in the form of methane. This knowledge has driven the rise in conscious consumer demand for alternative milks. 

Oat milk is our favourite.

In our bid to press forward with full sustainability within our business, we have removed almond milk from our offer, leaving oat milk as our suggested alt milk. Oat milk is the most sustainable alternative milk, as less water is used to produce it. And importantly to us, it tastes great. It meets our high standards, allowing the coffee to shine through, while still being creamy and rich. At WatchHouse we always look out for the best in class when it comes to products served. For us Oatly is our oat milk of choice - we especially love their transparency in all stages of production. You can read their most recent Sustainability Report here.

We know some won’t like this change, but we have to do what we believe is right and ask that you give it a try – it’s genuinely great. 

What’s wrong with almond milk?

While almond trees occupy smaller amounts of farmland compared with other crops grown for milk, this benefit is overshadowed by the negative impacts of almond farming in the US. Almonds require more water than any other dairy alternative, consuming 130 pints of water to produce a single glass of almond milk, according to the Oxford study. Satisfying continual demands for larger almond crops is also placing unsustainable pressures on US commercial beekeepers. Nearly 70% of commercial bees in the US are drafted every spring to pollinate almonds. Last year, a record number – over one-third of them – died by season’s end as a result of these pressures and other environmental threats.


Above: Oat cappuccino 


Thanks for your support.

Earlier this year we launched our own WatchHouse Roastery on Maltby street. This was a very significant commercial milestone in our business, and is what enabled us to drop all alt milk charges and pass this saving to you. We’re continuing to strengthen our sustainability commitments and welcome your input on this. Drop us ideas or suggestions at hello@watchhouse.com.

In the meantime, please do support your local café in making these better decisions for everyone - not least our planet.

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