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Jacquelyn Coomber | Tower Bridge Assistant House Manager


What goes into successful product development? Where do you begin to make the mood-board a reality? How about finally getting your merchandised concept into the offering of a well-known coffee house in the London market? 

Simplicity. It's the one common denominator for every beverage we have chosen to represent our drinks offering at Watch House. Simplicity of ingredients. Simplicity of packaging. Simplicity of business design. 

After researching every drinks supplier in full, it was clear that behind all these brands, were passionate individuals, who had worked - at one point or another - within the London food and hospitality sector. These folks understood the market, and had the wear-with-all to cultivate their creativity and ideas into something tangible, not to mention tasty. On any given day, Watch House locations across the city will have beverages that are made with local and seasonal ingredients - brewed and bottled in London. Square Roots Soda for instance, forages for some of their ingredients in nearby Hackney Marsh. PRESS takes raw fruit and veg - cold-presses and bottles it -  all done in under two hours. These drinks are the perfect 3:00 pm pick-me-up when you're a bit over-caffeinated and simply need something refreshing. They are summery and light. Some will even help you look like you had a facial on your lunch break. All are meant to feel good, taste great, and lack guilt because of a conscientious dedication to a core natural ingredients list. 
There you have it. That's our beverage offering. With purity of product, and dedication to quality, we are proud to showcase these brands in our Houses. As the coffee house experience is reshaped for the time being, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forming an e-commerce branch to Watch House. Adaptability is crucial to any small-business; life as we know it changed drastically in the past weeks, and we want to do our part to bring a bit of familiarity back into your new routines. We miss our loyal customers. That all-important first coffee of the morning... we want to supply it. That mid-morning smoothie to balance last night's wine consumption… we want to bring it. That refreshing moment to perk up your late afternoon… we want to deliver it. Working from home doesn't have to change all your routines. You can still treat yourself to some of our favourites. From our House… to yours.


Above: Fully stocked retail shef at Watch House Spitalfields


PRESS London.

We love a story of humble beginnings, and a bathtub full of cold-pressed juice in Old Street Station is definitively humble. What began as a means to offer nutrient-rich juices and cleanses to help boost the health and diets of commuters in London, is now a UK brand that is also enhancing good practices within the farms supplying PRESS London. Free of any additives; full of only the good stuff, we are proud to serve their best-selling juices and smoothies in our Houses. 


Square Root Soda.

Handmade in Hackney, Square Root Soda is simple: all natural ingredients and unique recipes consisting of seasonal ingredients that are unexpected and delicious. Some of the ingredients are even foraged locally in Hackney Marsh. Brewed and bottled in East London. 


Above: Ice cold Square Roots Soda Cola


Jarr Kombucha.

A handful of simple ingredients, kombucha is a blend of tea, water, sugar, and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). The ingredients are left to ferment in a warm environment and the end result is kombucha. Jarr has created an effervescent recipe that is available in four flavours at any of our Houses. Whether it be the Original, Ginger, Raspberry or Passion Fruit flavour, you are sure to find a delicious way to consume beneficial acids, enzymes, and antioxidants which can aid in digestion and support the immune system. 


Good & Proper Tea.

It's exactly as the name proclaims: No more, no less. After years of coffee dominating the high street market, founder of G&P Tea, Emilie, had a desire to make a good cup of tea easily accessible in speciality coffee shops in central London. Sourcing the best possible whole leaf teas from around the world, each tea, and blend, is custom-brewed to ensure the best possible flavour in every pot of tea. The specific recipes which were developed at G&P, are implemented across all of our Houses to ensure consistency of flavour and… well, a good and proper cup of tea… Every time.


Above: Good & Proper limited edition guest tea - Golden Buds


Mörk Chocolate.

Mörk, which comes to us from their brewhouse and cacao roasting facility in Melbourne, is driven solely by ethical sourcing, and being able to trace, every single ingredient you will find in their hot chocolate blends, from bean to cup. This allows for unparalleled flavour and quality standards and is one of the reasons we have chosen their brand of chocolate for our Houses.  


Prana Chai. 

Inspired by personal travel and enjoying good food and beverage in Asia, Prana Chai was created as a way to relive travels with each sip of Chai. With a business plan of simplicity, whole spices are sourced from India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala. The spices are blended by hand with tea and honey, packaged, and delivered to speciality coffee shops globally. It's an honest product, ensuring the purity of the chai by having never used preservatives or machines. 

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