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Nomad | Companion Coffee 007.

Companion Coffee 007.

Nomad was founded by Jordi Mestre in 2011. After spending two years working in some of the best specialty coffee spots in London, he launched his own coffee cart serving the city’s bustling food markets. Over the next few years Jordi extended his skills and passion for specialty coffee further, competing internationally in the World Barista Championships and taking on his first roastery position with Nude Coffee Roasters. Returning to his native Spain in 2014, Nomad opened its first space, with coffee the sole feature of the menu. 


Since their first cafe Nomad has gone from strength, with a commitment to quality taking precedence at each stage of growth. Gaining notoriety in Barcelona led them to developing their ever popular Nomad Cold Brew and their fist wholesale clients, which has now expanded internationally with Nomad coffee featuring in cafes from Canada to South Korea. They grew by another two sites, Roaster’s Home and Nomad Every Day, with that offering a space for education, consultancy and training as well as developing their contemporary aesthetic and approach to the cafe experience. Their expansion has been an organic process, responding to the demand for their passionate and detail orientated approach.

Introducing Gitwe.

Our guest coffee from Nomad is Gitwe, a wonderfully dense Red Bourbon from Rwanda. Super fruit forward and sweet, it’s a wonderful interpretation of coffee from one of our favourite coffee growing countries. Rwanda has ideal conditions for growing coffee; high altitudes and regular rainfall alongside the rich volcanic soil on the shores of the nearby Lake Kivu, makes Rwandan coffee stand out. Gitwe takes its name from the Gitwe washing station located in the Nyamasheke district, a region of Rwanda with a high concentration of coffee trees and washing stations. Over 800 smallholder producers deliver coffee to the station, most of whom own just a hectare of land.

The Companion.

We’ve paired Gitwe with another exceptional African coffee; Harbegona. This coffee was grown by farmers surrounding the village of Bochesso Maleko, who supply Heirloom varieties including the sub-varietals 17158 and 74165. The coffee farms here sit at an exceptionally high altitude which, paired with careful cherry selection and processing, produce vibrant cups with wonderful complexity and fruity character.

The Coffees.

Origin: Rwanda
Process: Washed
Variety: Red Bourbon
Tasting Notes: Dried apricot | Goji | Honey

Origin: Ethiopia
Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom
Tasting Notes: Darjeeling | Milk chocolate | Cantaloupe

Head to one of our nine locations to find our guest selection from Nomad, available online and in store on V60 or as a retail duo of whole beans.

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