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Modern Coffee.

Modern Coffee Creators | Lucy

Modern Coffee Creators. 

Meet the team bringing the extraordinary to your daily coffee rituals.


Name | Lucy Bond

House position | House Manager at WatchHouse Bermondsey


Above: Lucy at our original House on Bermondsey Street.

Quick fire Q&A over a cup of coffee. 

What got you into coffee? 

There’s something very intimate about people’s relationship with coffee, and it’s a great feeling to be a part of that morning ritual for so many. It’s such a complex & exciting product, that requires such detailed skill and knowledge, and it’s something I’ve loved learning more about since joining WatchHouse in summer 2020. 


What gets you up in the morning?

People. It’s the wonderful people in my life that keep me going - it’s a real pleasure to work alongside such a talented group of individuals each day, in the heart of the thriving community which is Bermondsey. Now more than ever, it’s the little moments shared with friends at work or the customer conversations that really shape my day. 


Favourite WatchHouse coffee: 

I would have to say Kantite. We originally had this as a filter roast, and have recently moved onto using it as our single origin espresso - the tasting notes have changed of course, but I’ve loved the flavour profile throughout, and the versatility of the coffee. 



Above: Lucy sipping her currently favourite Kantite coffee.

What are you looking forward to most as restrictions will be slowly lifting? 

I think, it’s the little things (that I definitely took for granted before)- that I’ve now learnt to appreciate the most. I can’t wait to see the café full of life again, to finish a shift and go for a drink on Bermondsey street with the team, or to spend a day with friends and family in the park. And hugs, I definitely miss hugging people.


Describe the feel of your House in 3 words: 

Friendly, characterful, refined 


What do you do to you relax? 

This is definitely something I’ve learnt to prioritise this year. I’m not someone who likes to sit still for long, but I’ve found an early morning walk, bike ride to work or short yoga practice really clears my head and motivates me for the day. 


Lastly, an inspiring podcast we should all listen to: 

I’ve recently been listening to a podcast called “your server today”, which our Head of People Jess recommended to me. It’s a series of  conversations with women in hospitality, sharing their experiences, accomplishments, hardships and tips for success - its super personable and  relatable,  and really inspiring for anyone wanting to build their career in this industry, whilst keeping things lighthearted with some great anecdotes too. 

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