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Cupping Room | Companion Coffee 002.

Companion Coffee 002.

This month see’s the launch of the second in our WatchHouse guest series: Companion Coffee. Each month, we choose a different coffee from a leading international roastery to feature in our Houses and online, where it will be served exclusively on V60, or as a duo of whole beans - a guest selection paired with a coffee from the WatchHouse Roastery. For the month of July we will be showcasing Cupping Room Coffee Roasters.


Cupping Room. Hong Kong.

Cupping Room is an award-winning small batch specialty coffee roastery located in Hong Kong. Founded in 2011, their ambition was to bring the best, carefully roasted coffees to ‘Hong Kongers’ in an approachable and aesthetic way. This intention remained their focus as they expanded into three cafes and, in 2016, Cupping Room launched their own roastery and have been roasting coffee since on their Probat UG15 Retro roaster. Throughout this time, they’ve made a name of themselves at competitions both nationally and internationally.


Jose Vasquez. 

Our selection from Cupping Room is an example of the quality of green beans the Hong Kong roastery commits to, produced by farmer Jose in the Colasay District, Jaen province in north Peru. Jose’s trees are certified organic and processed in micro mills on the farm. The clarity of flavour in this coffee is truly remarkable. The flavour notes of the Jose Vasquez perfectly complemented that of the Adado, an Ethiopian single origin we had in mind, which displays distinct flavour notes of Peach, Floral and Chocolate. A perfectly suited partner to the Cupping Room offering and a great representation of the quality of produce coming out of Peru and Ethiopia.

Expect a sweet and bright cup bursting with fruit flavours.
Origin: Peru 
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Apricot | Stone Fruit | Oolong Tea.


You’ll find Jose Vasquez available to explore at all of our seven Houses on V60. For the ultimate tasting experience at home, shop online as a duo of whole beans; paired with the Ethiopian Adado.

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