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Five Elephant | Companion Coffee 009.

Companion Coffee 009.

Kris and Sophie Schackman, originally from Massachusetts and Vienna, met in Berlin where Sophie was already devoting her free time to baking family recipes for cafes around the city. In the summer of 2010 they decided to combine a shared passion for quality cakes and specialty coffee, and the cafe concept and roastery Five Elephant was born.  

Five Elephant’s approach centres itself around progressive and positive social and environmental impact. Transparency from seed to cup is at the core of this. They have spent a decade creating sustainable partnerships at origin, investing in the challenges facing producers and constantly working to improve the coffee they source and roast. 

They hold the belief that this commitment also nurtures their relationships with the customers who join them in their Belin cafes, giving them the opportunity to invest in these producers at the consumer end of the line.

Introducing Santa Fe.

Santa Fe is a wonderfully clean and sweet cup with notes of apple and hazelnut. During our time at this year’s London Coffee Festival, we caught up with Agnese Sokolovska; green buyer for Five Elephant, Coffee Master’s Champion 2021 and all round specialty coffee ambassador. She was really passionate about the amazing development quality from producer Magdalena Lopez, who is one of the roastery’s oldest relationships, and encouraged us to choose it as our guest this month.


The Companion.

Inspired by Five Elephant’s commitment to relationships at every stage of the journey from seed to cup, we’re pairing Sante Fe with our pink bourbon from Nestor Lasso; an inspiring young producer from Colombia who we were introduced to by Cata Cafe Exports. WatchHouse Head of Coffe Ryan Garrick, and Senior Barista Vag Koulougousidis spent time with Nestor in Colombia, and hosted him in London this Spring during Cata Export’s first European visit. It’s a partnership we’re so excited about and this pairing is a celebration of the power of community.

The Coffees.

Santa Fe. 250g
Origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Variety: Colombia, Tabi
Tasting Notes: Papaya | Pink Grapefruit | Green Apple 

Nestor Lasso. 200g
Origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Tasting Notes: Marshmallow | Pink Grapefruit | Passion Fruit

Head to one of our nine locations to find our guest selection from Five Elephant, available online and in store on V60 or as a retail duo of whole beans.

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