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Bonanza | Companion Coffee 008.

Companion Coffee 008.

Internationally renown, Bonanza is an iconic roastery in Berlin, Germany. Since being founded in 2006, they have been at the forefront of specialty coffee and design - you just have to do a quick google of their roastery to understand. They have multiple sites across the city as well as supplying numerous wholesale customers week-in week-out and are a must-visit if you’re ever in town. A fun fact, our Probat roaster, was bought from the Bonanza roastery!

For this month's companion coffee we’re excited to bring you, Sasaba.

Introducing Sasaba.

Bonanza has been buying Sasaba for 5 years now, with every year being slightly different to the last as the sorting process develops. In recent years they’ve been meticulously working towards a clean, floral and chocolatey profile while still retaining a strawberry element to the cup - best described as a more refined version of the coffee they first had all those years ago.

Sasaba is made by approximately 500 smallholders that grow the coffee and supply the washing station. This is where they use a large pulper to wash the coffee and during harvest see over 600 raised drying beds full of coffee cherry. This year, Bonanza has bought a whole container.


The Companion.

We choose these coffees to pair together as they’re both fantastic filter coffees that allow us to compare two different natural processing styles - a classic natural process from Sasaba and a more experimental process from Para Ela.

The Coffees.

Sasaba, 250g
Origin: Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Variety: Mixed Heirloom
Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate | Vanilla | Peach 

Para Ela, 200g
Origin: Brazil
Process: 72hr Aerobic Fermentation
Variety: Red Catuai
Tasting Notes: Damson | Chocolate wafer | Roasted nuts

Head to one of our nine locations to find our guest selection from Bonanza, available online and in store on V60 or as a retail duo of whole beans.

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