V60 brew guide.

February 06, 2020

Written by WatchHouse .

V60 brew guide. V60 brew guide. V60 brew guide.

Arguably the most commercially celebrated pour over process is the V60. The method can produce incredibly clean and clear flavours and aromas, perfect for enjoying the full range of subtleties within a cup. Mastering the V60 is a really great way of developing your palette and exploring the more delicate notes of a coffee’s flavour profile. The following guide is for a one cup V60.


What You’ll Need

- V60

- V60 filter papers

- 15g coffee

- Coffee mug or server

- Scales

- Timer

- Grinder

- Kettle - ideally a gooseneck kettle

- 250ml freshly boiled water 



    1. First, place a filter inside the V60 on top of your mug or server. Rinse the filter with some hot water, then discard the water from your mug.

    2. Grind your coffee to medium fine and dispense the coffee into the V60. Give the side of the dripper a few gentle taps to ensure the coffee bed is even.

    3. If you have a kettle with temperature control, set the temperature to 96°. If not, simply set your kettle to boil. 


    Blooming phase:

    1. Place your V60 and server onto your scales, tare the scales to zero, and when you’re ready to pour, start the timer.

    2. Using gentle circular motions, pour in 45g of water. Make sure you are covering all of the coffee grounds evenly with your pour.

    3. With both hands, take the V60 dripper and give it a gentle swirl to ensure all of the coffee has been evenly wet.

    4. Allow it to bloom for 30 seconds. 


    Brewing phase:

    1. At 30 seconds, you need to start your pour using a controlled, spiralling motion starting in the centre and working out to the walls of the V60. Keep this concentric movement steady and continuous until you have poured in all of the remaining water. Make sure you have covered any coffee grounds on the sides of the filter. This should be completed by 1:15.

    2. When you have finished your pour, take the V60 again and give it a gentle swirl.

    3. Allow all of the brew to filter through into your mug or server. Total brewing time should be around 2:30 -3:00 minutes.

    4. Remove the V60 from your mug or server, give the coffee a stir and enjoy!