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  • Kalita Wave Brew Guide
    Kalita Wave Brew Guide
    The Kalita dripper is used for a pour over process, similar to a Chemex or V60, perfect for achieving brews bursting with bright acidity and a clean, crisp finish. Unlike other pour over drippers where the water runs through a single hole, the Kalita features a flat bottom with three...
  • Aeropress Brew Guide
    Aeropress Brew Guide
    Favoured by professionals and novices alike, the Aeropress is a super versatile yet super easy immersion brewer. Designed by Alan Adler with simplicity in mind, you’ll be amazed by the number of methods and variables there are to explore when it comes to Aeropress brewing. Below are two methods to...
  • V60 Brew Guide
    V60 Brew Guide
    Arguably the most commercially celebrated pour over process is the V60. The method can produce incredibly clean and clear flavours and aromas, perfect for enjoying the full range of subtleties within a cup. Mastering the V60 is a really great way of developing your palette and exploring the more delicate...
Coffee Matchmaker

Rituals, Ventures or Rarities? All great coffees, so which to choose? Let us help you find your match in 6 simple steps.

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How experienced are you with coffee and flavour notes?

Great! Now, How curious are you about developing your palate for more complex flavour profiles?

Nice. Ok. What brewing method do you like to use?

Which of these best describes your favorite coffee?

Right. Last one, Do you take milk?


We think you'll love Rituals — those things in our life which ground us, be it a morning run or some evening journaling, our rituals are things we wouldn’t be the same without.


We think you'll love Ventures — selected as coffees which can open up our minds further to the potential of coffee. These cups will highlight more fruit forward or floral characteristics but with the balance of sweetness to back it up.


We think you'll love Rarities — our rarities are designed to blow our preconceptions of coffee out the water. Each month this category allows us to showcase cups which have flavours even we would not have thought possible from our humble coffee seed.